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The Burma Road

July 14, 2007 | | Comments 3
A highway of broken dreams and corruption.

A highway of broken dreams and corruption.

Burma, or as the current junta likes it to be called, “Myanmar”.  One of the most secretive, corrupt and oppresive countries left in the world.  What does it take to do a “road trip” into this mysterious place?  It can only be done at one entry point and on one highway, Tachilek.

Many visitors to Thailand cross at this border post to renew their Thai entry visas, but are not allowed to go any farther than the town proper.  A large market of cheap Chinese and counterfeit goods is also a popular attraction.  But what happens when you do leave the city and attempt to venture out on you own? Read this trip report……..

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  1. Jeff Pike says:

    Great report Dave and absolutely intriguing to read the Time article about how Mong La came about. Fascinating.

  2. ankit says:

    sir i need your help i am planning to go to india via myammar so can you tell me how can i go because i think you had lot of idea i had a Mini van and also sir what necessary travel documents are required can you please rever me or mail me at

  3. Dave Early says:

    I am sorry to tell you but, to the best of my knowledge, there is no way that you can cross Burma in a privately owned vehicle. I know many people who have made ’round the world journeys by motorcycle or 4 wheels, and they all have been denied access to Burma. My report is about the only road that allows one to go further than a border town. If you read the post, you see how restricted I was on where I could travel.

    Here is a link from a couple who are on current trip and were denied access, maybe you can get some ideas as to another route; Wheezy Rider.

    This couple claim to have made it across in 2004, but they are the only ones I know and they also had many restrictions and problems; Burma Overland