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What’s THAT in the Toaster?

June 12, 2009 | | Comments 0

As I mentioned in the other posts there are many things crawling around.  One of the best ways to combat small insects in the house are by Geckos.  Yup, little lizards.  You don’t let them in the house they just come by themselves.  I have some in almost every room.  One on my desk hides behind the computer somewhere and comes out and grabs any flying or crawling thing that may be attracted by light. Unfortunately he is very camera shy and it is difficult to get a good photo.

At night there are always some small insects that make it through the screens and cracks in the doors, hovering around the lights or landing on the ceiling.  Not far behind will be a Gecko hunting his next meal.  They are harmless except for the Gecko droppings one has to put up with and the loud “chirps” they make when talking to each other.

The other day I made some toast.  The bread didn’t seem to want to go in straight but I forced it in anyway.  The toast came out burned on the corner and a bit twisted. Humph!.

Well, as things go here, the ants were soon on the scene and paying special attention to something in the toaster.  Time to clean the toaster.

Sorry “Fred”, you were my favorite kitchen Gecko. RIP.

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