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Memory-the Discarded Lyrics

July 13, 2009 | | Comments 0

The original lyrics to Memory as written by Tim Rice.  They were later discarded due to their reference to suicide.  Andrew Lloyd Webber wanted “Cats” to be a family musical.

I feel they are much more poignant than the now popular version.

When one has reached what they feel is the lowest point in their life, and suffered some immeasurable losses, it takes on a special meaning. But, that’s a story for another time and place……..These so called “Discarded Lyrics” are truly profound and profess many of my own sentiments.

Update: I was finally able to obtain the video.  Due to some copyright problems it was deleted from YouTube.  I have it loaded here (be patient if it takes a little time to load.  This isn’t YouTube).

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“Memory” – Lyrics by Tim Rice

Street lights

And the darkness between them

Like the good and the bad sides

Of a life almost done.

Shake the memory

All my passions returning to me

None forgotten

No, not one.

One life

Is there only the one life

That we lose in the living

In an endless decline?

No complaining

For no one else has seen what I’ve seen

One existence

Only mine

Don’t look back no don’t look back

So hard to heed that warning

Such temptation but the past is past

And the night makes way for morning


I won’t care if it finds me

With no breath in my body

With no beat in my heart

For I’m certain

That now I know what happiness is

Wish I’d known that

From the start

Touch me

Is there no one to touch me

It was easy to love me

In my glamorous past

As I leave you

A shadow of the light I once was

May my memory

Sleep at last

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