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On Land, Sea and Air-Taupo, NZ

December 05, 2010 | | Comments 0

(continued from Disaster to Laughter)

After we left the ski slopes at Mt. Ruapehu, it was only a couple hours drive to Lake Taupo.  We were to meet Thim’s family there, but they had to cancel.  So we just did our thing.  Hanging out by the lake. Enjoying some relaxing time, NOT!

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Other Side of the Mountain

Other Side of the Mountain

Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo

The Guidebook Says;

Taupo is a popular resort town, nestled on the banks of Lake Taupo, New Zealand’s largest lake. Taupo activities include fishing, boating, walking, whitewater rafting and jet boating.

The powerful beauty of the volcanic landscape that surrounds Taupo provides a dramatic backdrop to everything you do here.

Highlights around Taupo include the Tongariro National Park, the Orakei Korako Geyserland, the mighty Waikato River, Turangi (the North Island’s trout fishing capital) and the amazing Huka Falls.

Time for a little action.

She may not know what she is in for…………….

Whats this all about?

What's this all about?

Now for My Kind of Fun!

Now for My Kind of Fun!

Being a volcanic island there are many hot springs around Taupo and other areas.  It is a very popular tourist attraction and many ways to visit them. OK, so now it is time to enjoy some hot springs.


This was fairly interesting and actually quite amazing. However, when you have seen one, you pretty much have seen them all.  Still, I thought we would go look at one more;  My way………….



She just loves surprises!

She Just Loves My Surprises!


Our time was running short. Having experienced the sites and sounds of Taupo we on the road to Auckland, and a visit with friends and family.

Farewell, Taupo

Farewell, Taupo

In Auckland, it was visits with friends, and some delicious meals.


Dinner with Sister and Family

Of course, a visit to New Zealand cannot be considered complete without a visit to a sheep farm with Thim’s sister and niece.


It was an interesting trip. We found our snow, despite natural disasters and closed roads.  We had some once in a lifetime experiences and made new friends.

I was surprised to find New Zealand to be quite rural and runs at a much slower pace than the U.S.  It reminds me of living in Northern Michigan or other areas with an abundance of small, quaint towns. The roads were good overall, but not really highways by our definition.  It is not a large island, and I think I could feel ‘trapped’ fairly quickly.

I understand that traveling by camper van is quite popular during the busy seasons and I am not sure I would enjoy it as much as we did this trip. The south island is purported to be even more spectacular and larger.  Perhaps a return trip is in our future.

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