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EARLY Retirement

January 06, 2015 | | Comments 0

They sometimes called us the “Dirty Dozen”. The initial twelve (12) officers who formed the Romulus Police Department in 1981.

In a typical political move , the powers that be decided that in order to build a new full time fire department, it was cost effective to retire the “dozen” with an offer we could not refuse,  thereby reducing the perceived high costs of the  police department.

So after a 23 year career I was given the option of remaining with the Department (at a lower rank and pay-grade) , or, taking a one and only early retirement offer. The catch, as there always is one, was that the offer was made in July and we had to be retired by October 1, 2002.

The politics involved, the aftermath and folly  of this decision, could fill a website itself. It hurt a number of people and left  most all involved bitter.  I had always loved my job, but due to a new political regime I was ready to go and on September 13, 2002 I did.

I have served with the Detroit Police Department, and the Romulus Police Department. I have been assigned to special operations with the Drug Enforcement Administration, the FBI, the U.S. Secret Service and a few other alphabet organizations.

Most of my career was spent in plain clothes

I have worked in uniform, but mostly plain clothes and undercover investigations. I have held the rank of Patrolman, Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Lieutenant, Detective Lieutenant, Executive Lieutenant, Commander and Deputy Chief.

I took part or assisted in planning security details and motorcades for Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and George W. Bush.  Also Vice Presidents, foreign heads of state, presidential candidates and Pope John Paul II. I have received over 23 citations and uncounted commendations.

I have been screamed at, spit on, shot at, and beat up. I have been fortunate enough to do all this without serious injury to myself, (I cannot say the same for everyone that I have put behind bars).

The best narcotics unit one could have.

I have been cried upon, hugged, kissed and thanked.  The criminals are soon forgotten; the victims I will remember forever.

In the end, one leaves just like any other job. A goodbye from co-workers and friends, some one-and-the-same, others not.  A change of the day on the calendar and you are no longer a law enforcement officer, you are retired. And so it goes………

Another law enforcement job in the future? Unlikely. I did my time. I experienced the good and the bad. I like to feel I left my mark and it is time to move on.

The “Silver Hawk“, which was the home of “Captain Dave” for 5 years, has been sold by a U.S. broker.

Time to start the next chapter…………..

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