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Adventure Diaries

My time and friends are now dominated by motorcycling, Deja Vu for those that know my past.

The Golden Triangle area of Thailand and the country of Laos have some of the greatest motorcycling areas one can find.

Because of this riders, and non-riders alike, are drawn here from all over the world. The fellowship and camaraderie is unbeatable.

From motorcycle trips to sitting around and telling lies, watching the current Formula 1 or MotoGP races, it has provided a wide and eclectic group of friends.

These are the stories I have posted on the GT-Rider forum. They are the tales of trips and adventures taken with others and sometimes alone.

Spanning the years since 2003 they cover many miles and many places. I have learned a lot over the past years both through advice of friends on this forum or in person, and of course from many of my own mistakes.

I hope you can spend some time browsing through and hopefully enjoy the tales and photos.

* Due to changes on linked websites, some of these links may no longer function.  Sorry.

First Ride
Also Known as the “Jack Scott Ride’ this was my first time riding with David Unkovich and my introduction to motorcycling in Thailand.  This one is “R” rated.
New Jack Scott Ride and The Guns & Poses Road Trip
The follow up ride to answer lingering questions from the First Ride. Mission Accomplished.
Tale of Malaria
My friend Phillipe’s tale of  woe

NOTE! From this point on, we were able to add photos to the  web forum reports. Enjoy!

Mapping Huay Xai
My first crossing into Laos.  During a stop over in Chiang Khong I get to experience the rare Giant Mekong Catfish.
Laos Expedition 2004 ****************
This was the Big One! Sent on an expedition to GPS and map the provinces of Laos.  We traveled to remote places that our motorcycles had no business going.  I have actually  sold numerous copies of a DVD I made of this trip.
Mae Sot Loop
A trip to the Myanmar border
Doi Phu Kha
A scenic trip to one of Thailand’s best motorcycle loops.
Chasing Floods
Every rainy season flooding is a major problem in Thailand.  This flood was particularly bad. Heart wrenching losses offset by outstanding charity.
Dirt Biking Mae Hong Song
My first real dirt biking trips in Northern Thailand.  Although a long compilation of a few trips put together, there are some great photos and directions for a trip of you own. 
Northern Laos 2005
A return trip to the outback areas.  This time with my friends David and Mai we take on the northern areas in the cold and dirt.  Some great photos in this report.
Slippin’ and Sliddin’ in the Jungle
My first ride with, soon to be, good friend Justin (Big & Tall).  We were in search of an illusive Wooden Temple but found only mud and exhaustion.
The New 1252
My new found friend, Justin, aka “Big and Tall”, gives his colorful take on what was my nemesis of rides. In this one we tried walking on water.
Chasing Sunflowers
Much more uplifting than chasing floods. my friend Thim and I go looking for mountain flowers.
4 Jays and a Hawk at Chiang Mai Speedway
A try at racing our bikes around the speedway.  A good time with a group of crazy friends.
The Old Elephant Trail
What was once a way of bringing elephants from Burma is now a challenging motorcycle ride.
Laos New Year 2007
Thim and I take a leisurely trip to celebrate the holidays.
Hongsa Elephant Festival
What starts out as a great trip to witness a one of a kind Laos festival turns tragic.
Deflowering the Virgin
My new found friend, Justin aka “Big and Tall”, gives a summation of what it is like with the GT-Riders
Prince of Death” Road Trip
Khun Sa, known as a Freedom Fighter, or the Prince of Death, depends on your viewpoint.  Another strange place to spend a birthday.
Laos the EZ Way……….
A laid back trip to Laos, no adventure riding but a lot of rest and relaxation
The Legend of the Golden Horse Temple
The story of a boxer turned monk who takes on the drug lords of the Golden Triangle.  He teaches orphans and young monks through the use of horses and boxing.  An epic tale.
The Curse of the Hill Tribe Women

One cannot attribute all these happenings to just bad luck.  A jungle excursion in Northern Laos.

Discovering a “New” Route

There has been talk of a “new” road that runs from somewhere in the vicinity of Boun Tay to the Luang Nam Ta Rd and cuts out the need to circle through Oudomxay when traveling in the Northern Laos region. This would save riding time and distance so I decided to find it and GPS it.

A Night in a Northern Laos Village

Ou Tay is a small northern Laos village about 70km north of the Boung Nuea junction to Phongsali, Laos. Traveling alone and mapping some roads with my GPS I ran into an old friend from Burma. We spent an interesting night in this remote place….