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EARLY Retirement

My name is Dave Early and I am a retired police officer now living in Thailand. My website is basically a blog of my motorcycle travels and adventures in S.E. Asia, This post is a quick summary of my law enforcement career and my decision to retire.

Dirty Cop Caught “Testilying” by Supreme Court – FALSE!!!

Dave Early was NEVER accused of being a dishonest cop. False accusations and personal attacks are being posted on the internet by a few malcontents. The true facts. and documents, are presented here.

Making Of a Music Video in My Garden

Making a MusicVideo in My Garden……See the behind the scenes photos and the finished product.


On May 5, 2014 while working on my computer, the desk and chair started to shake.  I felt this a few years ago when there was a 3.2 earthquake so i knew what it was. After a short pause I heard a rumble and everything in the house began to shake and rattle.  I made [...]

Protected: Letters

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

ON THE ROAD TO MANDALAY…….December, 2013

My second trip by Motorcycle into Myanmar from Thailand. This time 12 days and 3,100 kms.with 12 riders. Mandalay, Bagan, and the mystic Inle Lake.

Back to my ‘Roots’

In the early ’80′s I became a member of the Blue Knight’s International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Michigan 1 Chapter. This is where my daughter and I participated in our first charity rides, and also made lifelong friends. Actually, more like family, as all our events were family oriented. Over time, my membership lapsed but [...]

Scorpion Queen

scorpions39 Scorpions are quite prevalent in Asia, but I found this to be especially true around my home.

Have you seen scorpions glow in the dark?

Have you ever seen a “Vinegaroon”?

I hadn’t. Have a look……..

Read how I “crawled” into a strange, but quite interesting hobby.

Buddhist Hell in Chiang Mai

There are some strange displays of Buddhist beliefs in Thailand. This is only a few kilometers from my home and for my friends that live here, it is worth a visit.

Funeral for 4 Fallen Heroes

5 4-Down. 20,000 came. The Tacoma, Washington police funeral.

Don’t Believe Your Eyes…….

disneygirls What could happen to those photos of yours posted on the social networking sites and in your emails?

See the “Girls Aloud”….

When the Killing Hour Arrives

There had not been any executions in Thai prisons for some six years. Without any notice, someone decided for two prisoners, “Today you are going to die!”

“Saving Face”, Lies and Deception

For me the most frustrating part of living in Thailand is the fact that you cannot trust ANYONE! This is one of the most depressing and troubling parts of living here. Yes, everything is not life in paradise…………

One Night In Bangkok-The Video

A true classic music video by Murray Head. You need to have spent time here to truly appreciate it.

Books-Some Recommended Reading

I do a lot of reading of books here. One of the advantages of living in a Tourist / Backpacker center is that there is a plethora of “used book” stores.

Usually when I find an author I like, especially a series of books, I stick with it until I have read them all. I found author John Sandford and was hooked.

Yes! It bites.

One learns to live with many critters and insects and flora here. The first lesson is; “Everything bites, stings, or hurts you in some way”!

Help Make Children Happy!

I am very pleased to be the Co-Chairman of the organizing committee for the Chiang Mai ToyRide. Not only do we have the annual toy ride, we also use the proceeds and donations to assist kids throughout the year. We donate to hospitals, schools, and communities in any way that will help children in need………..

Where the Heck Are You??

Not everyone is familiar with S.E. Asia. Here you will find maps with waypoints to the main locations with links to an associated story. Just click.

What’s THAT in the Toaster?

Another critter tale. Sorry “Fred”……

Battle of the Water Pump

Simple, I need to water the grass and flowers. How hard can it be? A city boy learns some lessons.