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EARLY Retirement

My name is Dave Early and I am a retired police officer now living in Thailand. My website is basically a blog of my motorcycle travels and adventures in S.E. Asia, This post is a quick summary of my law enforcement career and my decision to retire.


On May 5, 2014 while working on my computer, the desk and chair started to shake.  I felt this a few years ago when there was a 3.2 earthquake so i knew what it was. After a short pause I heard a rumble and everything in the house began to shake and rattle.  I made [...]

EARLY on Destination Thailand TV

I spent four days with a crew from Destination Thailand TV and my friend David Unkovich filming two videos for their TV show and websites. We traveled to Khun Sa’s former camp and skirted the Myanmar borders. If you have about 16 minutes to spare, please have a look.

Scorpion Queen

scorpions39 Scorpions are quite prevalent in Asia, but I found this to be especially true around my home.

Have you seen scorpions glow in the dark?

Have you ever seen a “Vinegaroon”?

I hadn’t. Have a look……..

Read how I “crawled” into a strange, but quite interesting hobby.

Buddhist Hell in Chiang Mai

There are some strange displays of Buddhist beliefs in Thailand. This is only a few kilometers from my home and for my friends that live here, it is worth a visit.

Hmong Kart Racing- New Year 2011

An unusual Kart Race in Thailand. Hmong Hill Tribes race wooden karts downhill at Hnomg New Year Celebration 2011.

Shrine of Japanese Soldiers-Ban Kat

We discovered a shrine to Japanese soldiers of the Second World War in a most unlikely place, but with a fascinating history. Photos and links.

Kachin Festival – Northern Thailand

I learned of a Kachin Manau festival being held near the Burma border, but I knew little of what it was about. It’s a nice village, with terrific views and friendly people, so I decided to make the trip.

U.S. State Department Travel Info-Thailand

This is the current travel and country information by the U.S. State Department. Click on their link to “Background Notes” for some interesting history of Thailand.

When the Killing Hour Arrives

There had not been any executions in Thai prisons for some six years. Without any notice, someone decided for two prisoners, “Today you are going to die!”

“No Reservations in Thailand”-Anthony Bourdain Show

A video of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” TV show filmed in Thailand. A very well done segment.

Wat Hua Mai Kham -Remote Temple Trip

I was challenged to find this remote stupa, so I couldn’t refuse. It turned into one of my more enjoyable undertakings…….

“Saving Face”, Lies and Deception

For me the most frustrating part of living in Thailand is the fact that you cannot trust ANYONE! This is one of the most depressing and troubling parts of living here. Yes, everything is not life in paradise…………

The Beaches

Southern Thailand is surrounded by the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and islands in the world.

A photo gallery.

One Night In Bangkok-The Video

A true classic music video by Murray Head. You need to have spent time here to truly appreciate it.

Chiang Mai- Rose of the North

Chiang Mai is the largest city in Northern Thailand and many times called by guidebooks (incorrectly) the second largest city in Thailand. A major tourist center, it is an area of contradictions and confusion.

Here is a photo collage and a ‘Map Jack” tour of the Jewel of the North…

Khun Tan Railway Station and Tunnel

A nice ride through the mountains and National Parks to a quaint railway station and tunnel in the mountains.

This is the main line from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and carries hundreds of passengers daily.

Where the Heck Are You??

Not everyone is familiar with S.E. Asia. Here you will find maps with waypoints to the main locations with links to an associated story. Just click.

Walking With Tigers

When I heard of a temple where one could walk with tigers, I had to find it. It is not listed in many guidebooks as some consider it too dangerous (by Western standards). It is commonly called the “Tiger Temple” it presents an unforgettable experience This post includes a CNN video on a Tiger Temple special project; identifying tigers by their stripes………

The Legend of the Golden Horse Temple

There is a legend of a fighting monk (called “The Tiger Monk”) who lives in the Monastery of the Golden Horse. This monk allegedly gave up a successful boxing career, some 16 years ago, and took up the calling of the monkhood to start this remote temple. He fought and held off Khun Sa and his men until they relented and supported his teachings. He trains young orphans, Nens, in boxing and horseback riding. After hearing this tale I had to find the temple……