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Crossing to ‘Burma’. A 6 Day Ride in Myanmar.

Crossing from outside countries into Myanmar (Burma) by private vehicles has been prohibited for years, if not decades. Six friends and I received special permission to enter on our motorcycles for a six day adventure.

Kachin Festival – Northern Thailand

I learned of a Kachin Manau festival being held near the Burma border, but I knew little of what it was about. It’s a nice village, with terrific views and friendly people, so I decided to make the trip.

“Prince of Death” Road Trip-Khun Sa

“Khun Sa”. The name strikes fear in some, admiration in others. Was he a freedom fighter as his admires claim? Or was he the biggest and most famous drug lord in S.E. Asia as claimed by the U.S, DEA $1,000,000 bounty on his head. Watch linked video “Opium Warlord of the World – Burma”.

Hearing of his death and a planned memorial service, what should a former Narcotics Unit Commander do? Head for Thoed Thai of course………

The Burma Road

A suspicious market seller

Burma, or Myanmar as the oppressive junta likes it to be called. Join me on a road trip into this secretive country north to the China border. An amazing tale of a governments high hopes and failures, and see just how restrictive it really is……..