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Chiang Mai to Hanoi – Introduction

For all the years I have been here in Thailand, it has been a goal of many to ride their own motorcycles into Vietnam and tour the Communist country. With only a couple exceptions, many have tried and most have failed……Now, with a little help (OK, with a lot of help) from my friends, it was our turn to try. And we did it!

Follow the multi-part story here……..

Set Free in Laos, On My Own / Summary

When we awoke in Xam Nua and prepared to hit the road, I did feel a little like my leash had finally been removed (no offense guys). I love riding in Laos and I am fairly familiar with most areas. I had told the group prior that I was cutting across Laos Highway 1c, south of Xam Nua, to Nong Kiew. The others had business in Luang Phrabang and were headed there via Phonsavan.

U.S. State Department Travel Info-Laos

This is the U.S. State Department Travel Information on Laos. It is not really as bad as they make it sound………..

Curse of the Hill Tribe Woman

I planned to do a solo trip to Northern Laos both for my own satisfaction and to get some new GPS tracks. As it turned out a number of other riders rode some of the same routes a week or so before me although I didn’t read their updated reports until after I returned. It seems they had a lot fewer “dramas” than I did and I can only attribute that to the “Curse of the Hill Tribe Woman”. Don’t believe me? …………

A Night in a Northern Laos Village-Ou Tay

Ou Tay is a small northern Laos village about 70km north of the Boung Nuea junction to Phongsali, Laos. Traveling alone and mapping some roads with my GPS I ran into an old friend from Cambodia. We spent an interesting night in this remote place….

Laos the EZ Way

After many solo trips to the outback regions of Laos, I decided to take my girlfriend (Thim) on a more laid back tourist type of tour.

Staying in nice hotels and riding some of the better roads in Laos this trip shows the other side of how it can be done.

Celebrating a Laos New Years Eve

What to do on New Years?  How about going and seeing how they do it in Laos? A surprisingly cold ride through the mountains to Luang Prabang.  Thim and I find out what the Laotian do for the holiday. Please click here for the full story and photos………..

Huay Xai-Phongsali-Xam Neua & Beyond

In late November of 2005, I set off with my friends David and Mai who live in Chiang Kong, Thailand. It was to be a trip hitting the Northern areas of Laos that aren’t as well traveled as some……….