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The Present

The present is about many things.  As you can see from this website, a lot of my time revolves around motorcycle.  But, that is not all there is.

A foreigner living in Thailand cannot own land.  Therefore that pretty much means, as far as I am concerned, one cannot own a home.  There is a way that a foreigner can lease the land that a house is built on from a Thai citizen for 30 years, but buy the house. Some are able to put the land in a Thai wifes name.  Hmmm!  It seems to me many bad things can come of this and so I choose to rent.

I was really fortunate in finding a beautiful rental home.  It needed some work and did put some money into it, but it is so much cheaper than renting in the west.  See the story here……….

My motorcyles.  Note the plural.  There are so many types of riding and riders here that one is just not enough.  Most of my friends have more than one and most more than that; including me.  Look here…….